The Mauldin Cultural Center was created to establish, develop and promote a cultural system that celebrates the Mauldin community, leverages the arts for the economic benefit of the City and its citizens, and strives to give all citizens and visitors the ability to experience and participate in artistic and cultural activities in an effort to continually develop a more vibrant community.


The Mauldin Cultural Center (MCC) is the product of community partners all with the vision of developing a cultural center for the City of Mauldin. Originally Mauldin High School, and later Mauldin Elementary School, the building was constructed in 1937 as a WPA Project and has since seen a few minor updates as the schools grew. In 2003, the City of Mauldin began the process of purchasing the 14 acre property as the first step toward creating a City Center.

The City constructed the Mauldin Sports Center as the first phase of this initiative on the property and then turned attention to the old school building, developing it into the Mauldin Cultural Center. A city-owned property, MCC is managed under the Office of Cultural Affairs, which continually works to improve and renovate the building and surrounding grounds.

Currently, MCC hosts almost 30,000 people and more than 1,000 events annually. We offer a wide-range of arts education classes, live concerts, theater performances, comedy, art exhibits, a public art trail, and other community events.


The Cultural Affairs team is a branch of Mauldin’s Community Development Department. Our team is responsible for managing the cultural and artistic assets of the City, as well as offering artistic services to the community, residents, and visitors of Mauldin. Whether it’s hosting concerts at the Cultural Center or collaborating with a local school on an art project, we are dedicated to ensuring our arts community has the right tools it needs to thrive.

Our team is focused on using the arts as a tool for economic development, working with various City departments, businesses, nonprofits, agencies, and individuals to ensure that the arts are integrated into the community. We offer resources, engagement opportunities, performance/display opportunities, and infrastructure to artists, residents, and visitors, and develop innovative methods to use the arts for community enhancement. Striving to be a national model and leader, we also promote the arts industry as a whole through networking, advocacy, and various collaborations.


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